Money Clothing Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook

By July 28, 2015Fashion News

In order to celebrate its 10th anniversary, the brand Money unveiled their latest Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook. Under the name “Continue to Create”, the English label revealed a new minimalist and muffled atmosphere. The lookbook – a gathering of track suits, bomber jackets, sweat shirts and hoodies – illustrates the very basic ingredients Money was made of. While one model sports a cameo outfit, another one stands out in a colourful and smart ensemble.

Check the photos below:

_JV03509_1 _JV03515_2 _JV03521_3 _JV03529_4  _JV03554_8 _JV03566_10 _JV03570_6 _JV03590_11 _JV03598_12_JV03622_14_JV03623_15_JV03634_16_JV03645_17_JV03667_21_JV03674_22_JV03684_23_JV03694_25_JV03708_24_JV03718_26_JV03726_27_JV03744_28_JV03748_29

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