Android Homme Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection

Bold. Fearless. Leaders. is Android Homme’s AW15 motto, and we know why.

 photo M08M61oNzuPL4-wMnRYkPOfqfG4jf-OwNIQVgywLuns_zps9ywnmoy0.jpg

Designed in Los Angeles and handcrafted in Portugal and Italy, Adroid Homme Autumn/Winter 2015 Collection consists of street-luxury products for the fashion conscious man.

The brand’s roots are deeply radicated in fine design, quality and craftmanship, attributes that you can find in the AW15 Collection, that opted for products inspired by modern design and by the modern stylish man’s need to stand out of the crowd more than anything.

From the Belter to the Omega to the Propulsion, there’s a wide range of looks and functionalities in the latest line. Street and high fashion are amalgamated in order to create a timless footwear line that  traverses and cuts through the modern trainer landscape.

As the brand’s founder designer said, it’s never too late to change perspective, to recreate or innovate: “I feel like it’s an exciting time in footwear. And now is the right time for us to push the envelope in terms of designs and concepts as the market is demonstrating it is ready for it”, he explains.

The collection will be available at several online stores in the UK, such as Flannels.

 photo 1nhhKZO95LBw85hQxx11Uq9sTlKhrye9kP6fyTf_lsI_zps6gozdmqt.jpg
 photo 6JXjUjiI5a4E7JVfNYye97BzChIguHC77Q5WaReNP3Q_zpsj8w19cdt.jpg
 photo 2qq6jpn7jqJek2ju4KuexwMFTwMeZHRqO0JeI0ySoFA_zpsj1oe8mcq.jpg
 photo Ad6avpuKphe9ryQBWV0pbOIzgavxstKOWXdAoZkgfBM_zpsepino6pf.jpg
 photo 8zBiBCeuAj-hIkHAUoZgAl3DNNSBJmCj3CgmfsB4tTM_zpsg0pf2ptm.jpg
 photo FtyQxJg3hJgUYPj3K7s4i0aGMInul_Gy7gfZ4FgA7zc_zpsi4h7q2y0.jpg
 photo lAjJtsQtPGVCj7yTG2XeS7GYbZV0ozAUe_MwYh87rHQ_zpsgffoggnd.jpg
 photo jjzKbUGJ6EUzjL7Ow6qRrE7pjbINVX328d28A3DMMJQ_zpstjmfhkgj.jpg
 photo pJvhjVBlBx5t_G8eW8XGre3VBrxNLmkDe5PFXrGieXI_zpsmreihbae.jpg
 photo ti6SdWFfXQuNWL5PVE3AG4NuuKQNolaFQKbYVFBkF0M_zpsqclr1u6k.jpg
 photo nGCg6Q1ig4eBXbIHNYlMEt01a_JF_3ou8S_NDkF5pcU_zpsc9dwqshj.jpg
 photo qeSigdJ6R1p3BMRDeGS4O55VSEikH2ZI1Q1qfw--3rA_zpsjjtv5muw.jpg
 photo ooezNB7dS2HGxK-fWZiewaOFgvK52A71iW7eOivmJMw_zps7i6rtlkg.jpg

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