Brixton Fall 2015 Lookbook

By August 5, 2015Fashion News

As we get ready for the colder season, Brixton is more easy-going than ever. 
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-8_zpsyc7wjqub.jpg

Here we go again, the layering season is starting soon: eve though casual workwear might seem like an oxymoron, it makes perfect sense when referring to Brixton’s latest releases for their Fall 2015 Collection.

The brand offers a wide range of new apparel, that includes an array of button-downs, T-shirts, durable trousers, jackets, hoodies and vests. The main characteristics and particularities are given by the traditional and reliable materials such as corduroy and flannel are especially prominent, that have been finely re-invented and crafted into traditional pieces now innovated with articulate detailing.

Check out the lookbook below.

 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-2_zpsywtajaqb.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-6_zpsizn4hwn4.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-10_zpso5bdmdwh.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-12_zpscmywaqya.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-7_zpshr0aptez.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-1_zpsqazcwugv.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-11_zpsvtlqhb4a.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-14_zpsa0p11tcg.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-13_zpsi9seomhr.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-4_zpstasd3cqn.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-3_zpsw6aajfsh.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-9_zpsh34abzit.jpg
 photo brixton-2015-fall-lookbook-5_zpscyxbxxqm.jpg

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