CWST Fall/Winter 2015 Lookbook

By August 7, 2015Fashion News

It was time for a change. New York Fashion Week unveiled their new logo and it seems like WME-IMG, the entertainment company in charge of the venues, is looking for a clean and pure shift. Designed by Mother, a creative agency, the logo is all about black and white and essential shape.

Check the logo below:
 photo new-york-fashion-week-unveils-new-logo-000_zpslmnwdhpf.jpg

Off The Grid, Bally’s latest campaign video, is aptly named. The short movie, featuring J.Cole showcases the fruit of the collaboration between the Swiss shoemaker and the American rapper.

In a series of vertiginous shoots across Jamaica, from downtown Kingston to the Blue Mountains, Maxim Bohichik signs a light but striking campaign. The well-designed shoots captures the American hip hop artist walking around the island and observing the landscapes or playing music. But more than ever, the focus of the campaign underlines the elegancy and the casualness of his Belly hiking camel boots and his backpack – which carries the essential items to master the art of travelling.

Check the photos below:

 photo JColeArticle_SLOT1-1_zps86zanyhn.jpg
 photo mob_05_zpsl8skzhvy.jpg
 photo JCole_Article_Slot4_zpshu4urxap.jpg
 photo JCOLE_Article_Slot5_zpsiatltbod.jpg photo JCOLE_Article_SLOT3_zps1gsspsmc.jpg photo JCOLE_Article_SLOT2_zpsod0zxooe.jpg10de6ec6fa0939a8ac2c7292770ccd26

Californian label CWST offers minimalist fashion inspirations for the launch of their Fall/Winter 2015 lookbook. CWST easily mixes patterned jumpsuits, smart suits and a slight hint of denim shirts in the same menswear wardrobe. A special focus on accessories – especially hats and caps, leather backpack and various shoes helped to add CWST to our Fall/Winter 2015 favorites list.

Check the photos below:

 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-1-640x960_zpsuifkfepg.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-6-640x960_zpsppqis1eg.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-5-640x960_zps4e5ghw1u.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-3-640x960_zpsnjkhykjz.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-4-640x960_zpsd3oxjvrf.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-2-640x960_zpsrcdzxbep.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-7-640x960_zpsem9eemwf.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-8-640x960_zpssinkoj3u.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-9-640x960_zpsgaui3ii5.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-10-640x960_zpsgknpuuxv.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-12-640x960_zpsn1r3ecuq.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-11-640x960_zpssw1np2z7.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-14-640x960_zpsl7bmewpj.jpg
 photo cwst-fall-winter-2015-lookbook-13-640x960_zpse1jgo8k2.jpg

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