MFW: Calvin Klein Autumn/Winter 16 Collection

By January 17, 2016Fashion Shows, Models

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Calvin Klein which showcased at Milan Fashion Week 2016:

KIM_0019 KIM_0031 KIM_0047 KIM_0059

KIM_0075 KIM_0089 KIM_0105 KIM_0121

KIM_0131 KIM_0149 KIM_0163 KIM_0175

KIM_0193 KIM_0201

KIM_0237 KIM_0255 KIM_0269 KIM_0287

KIM_0301 KIM_0315 KIM_0341 KIM_0359

KIM_0377 KIM_0395 KIM_0415 KIM_0431


KIM_0471 KIM_0491 KIM_0509 KIM_0527

KIM_0547 KIM_0567 KIM_0585 KIM_0605

KIM_0621 KIM_0641

KIM_0665 KIM_0679 KIM_0701 KIM_0717

KIM_0735 KIM_0763

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