MFW: Gucci Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

A staple dish for students and workers in Japan, the ramen’s popularity has already been proven worldwide: as it is now time for PAUSE to try the highly-demanded plate, who else than Kanada-Ya to bring the traditional food to your mouth?

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Located in Soho, Kanada-Ya significantly contributes to the reputation of the broth, with a menu always more modern and diversified – shout out to the truffle ramen. The restaurant, a quite small space elegantly furnished and designed offers a pleasant ambiance: the perfect place to end a particularly exhausting week.

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Best time to go? Opt for a lunch around 12.00pm for a high-quality me-time: the friendly and helpful staff from Kanada-Ya is always around to give you a hand – or a fork and knife for the slow learners – and guarantee a tranquil space. If you want to bring along a date during the evening, book a table for two and let the magic operates. Click here to book a table.

What we ordered:

Truffle-Ramen 14.00

18 hour pork bone broth, chashu pork collar, spring onion, porcini truffle paste.

Original Ramen 10.5

Served with pork belly chashu, wood ear fungus, seaweed and fresh spring onion

Japanese Lemonade x2


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For AW16 Gucci continued to reaffirm its new direction.
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Creative Director Alessandro Michele ensured that the fashion house remained true to its new image whilst evolving existing pieces that caused elation a year ago when he stepped up to the helm. The collection is outwardly Romantic, with a certain Amish and native American feel. Florals, embroidery and re-imagined tapestries sit at the heart of the collection, whilst Michele adds a playful touch through the inclusion of Snoopy graphics and teddy-bear imagery.

The collection is utterly poetic and the runway appeared to become something out of a dream. Crumpled silk shirts, Amish-inspired ponchos and hats and lavish embroidered jacquard Horsebit slippers sit at the centre of the collection, making it seem more like a blend of that nostalgic safe haven of America’s past and a Romantic era Wordsworthian scene. Michele took inspiration from Marxist theorist Walter Benjamin, who hypothesised that history is written by victors, which is exactly what appears to be happening and Michele’s collection is one of the best seen at Gucci in a long time. The line is heavily influenced by the ‘70s, with a snakeskin suit, Lurex knits and flamboyant shoes. Juxtapose these against the playful and nostalgic bumblebee image and you have an outstanding collection for next season. Terrifically Italian and intrinsically thought out, it offers a mix of high- brow influences and low-brow tongue in cheek references (Snoopy for example). A special mention must go to the embroidered cardigan, which featured the simple name ‘Bowie’ across the back in honour of the late musician.

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