PFW: Lanvin Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Lanvin which showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

KIM_0039 KIM_0091 KIM_0067 KIM_0047KIM_0105 KIM_0159 KIM_0143 KIM_0117KIM_0181 KIM_0243 KIM_0219 KIM_0201KIM_0263 KIM_0324 KIM_0303 KIM_0283KIM_0346 KIM_0401 KIM_0386 KIM_0362KIM_0412 KIM_0461 KIM_0443 KIM_0428KIM_0482 KIM_0533 KIM_0516 KIM_0505KIM_0554 KIM_0610 KIM_0593 KIM_0573KIM_0628 KIM_0676 KIM_0656 KIM_0640KIM_0701 KIM_0764 KIM_0738 KIM_0715KIM_0785 KIM_0841 KIM_0821 KIM_0808KIM_0868 KIM_0880

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