PFW: Wooyoungmi Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

See the full Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection for Wooyoungmi which showcased at Paris Fashion Week.

KIM_0061 KIM_0075KIM_0083 KIM_0121 KIM_0104 KIM_0096KIM_0121 KIM_0130KIM_0149 KIM_0189 KIM_0177 KIM_0162KIM_0202KIM_0216 KIM_0251 KIM_0243 KIM_0230KIM_0263KIM_0271 KIM_0313 KIM_0295 KIM_0289KIM_0327KIM_0339 KIM_0381 KIM_0366 KIM_0352KIM_0394KIM_0406 KIM_0439 KIM_0430 KIM_0418KIM_0451KIM_0462 KIM_0505 KIM_0490 KIM_0478KIM_0524KIM_0536KIM_0017 KIM_0048 KIM_0030KIM_0609

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