BAPE Releases First Running Collection

By February 1, 2016Fashion News

Get ready to go full-on sporty


Lifestyle brand BAPE announced it, get ready to hit it: their first-ever running collection will be a savant mix between long-lasting materials, camouflage prints and performance pieces of clothing. With a little help from the ape heads, stars contrasting fluo stripes and logo, BAPE delivers a timeless collection for you, the running aficionados.

Check the photos of the collection:


bape-running-collection-08_o1rwvb bape-running-collection-09_o1rwvo bape-running-collection-11_o1rwwo bape-running-collection-03_o1rwswbape-running-collection-03_o1rwsw bape-running-collection-10_o1rww7 bape-running-collection-05_o1rwtd bape-running-collection-06_o1rwulbape-running-collection-13_o1rwxk bape-running-collection-14_o1rwy0 bape-running-collection-07_o1rwu6 bape-running-collection-02_o1rwrmbape-running-collection-12_o1rwx4

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