Fear Of God’s Jerry Lorenzo Opens Home for The Coveteur

By March 29, 2016Fashion News

Get to know Jerry Lorenzo & Fear of God…


The Coveteur’s writer Megan Wilson offers a glimpse into one of the trendiest designers of the moment: Fear Of God’s Jerry Lorenzo. Discussing his Glendale home, his reflections and inspirations, the two give the reader a deep insight into Fear of God’s background roots. For the (very few) people who haven’t quite get to know Fear Of God yet, this is the occasion to catch up on the trends and waves that the street wear label caused over the past months. Click here to read The Coveteur‘s glimpse into Jerry Lorenzo’s home.

Check the photos below:

jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-01 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-11 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-10jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-03 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-04 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-05 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-06jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-07 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-08 jerry-lorenzo-takes-you-inside-his-home-09

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