Jared Leto Attends Oscars With Gucci’s Creative Director

By March 1, 2016Fashion News

Jared Leto brought a fashionable date to the Oscars this past weekend.Jared-Leto-Alessandro-Michele-Gucci-suit

Jared Leto and his Oscars date Alessandro Michele both looked impeccable this past weekend. Michele is the creative director at Gucci and so naturally both men were decked head-to-toe in Gucci. Leto wore a two button heritage evening suit with contrast piping and a silk flower and Michele also opted for florals but his came in the form of bright embroidery on the back of his jacket. It was a huge honor for Michele as designers rarely get the opportunity to walk the Oscars red carpet and as well as dressing Leto he also got to dress Brie Larson who was nominated for best actress.

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