PUMA x McQ SS16 Tech Runner Sandals

The sandals of the future.


PUMA is killing 2016 with none-stop releases and now we can to drool at the latest PUMA x McQ Tech Runner Sandals. A style like no other, the Tech Runner Sandals are made for walking and running, giving you a futuristic edge to your style. The PUMA x McQ Tech Runner Sandals features a open forefoot with sports mesh material and a quirky sole to finish. Allowing breathability throughout, the PUMA x McQ Tech Runner Sandals are available now at select retailers for $200 USD each, in black/red and white/blue colourway options.

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McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_White_White_Surf_the_Web_360919_01_3 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_White_White_Surf_the_Web_360919_01_7 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_White_White_Surf_the_Web_360919_01_6 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_White_White_Surf_the_Web_360919_01_5McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_White_White_Surf_the_Web_360919_01_8

puma-mcq-tech-runner-sandal-1McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_Black_Flame_Scarlet_Darkshadow_360525_01_3 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_Black_Flame_Scarlet_Darkshadow_360525_01_7 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_Black_Flame_Scarlet_Darkshadow_360525_01_6 McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_Black_Flame_Scarlet_Darkshadow_360525_01_5McQ_x_Puma_Tech_Runner_Sandal_Pack_Black_Flame_Scarlet_Darkshadow_360525_01_8

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