Calvin Klein Comments on Raf Simons Takeover

By June 10, 2016Fashion News

According to Calvin Klein, “the whole industry knows.”

Raf Simons

Rumours of Raf Simons becoming CK’s newest Creative Director have been spewing for months, enough time for industry folk to offer their opinions and criticisms alike. However, 73-year-old Calvin Klein has recently been spotted acknowledging such rumours at long last. In a recent interview with American Broadcasters Sirius XM, Mr Klein revealed that changes in the design staff have “finally been made.” Though Klein is not one to explicitly unveil the former Christian Dior CD’s name, he subtly hints at the identity of his newest hire, claiming that although the name is currently under contract, “the whole industry knows.”

As it stands, Simon’s current contract with the LVMH label is set to expire around the end of July, potentially paving the way for his newfound entrance into Calvin Klein? Who knows…


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