Sneaker Watch: The Nike Air Max 95

Nike is about to the its 2016 Air Max 95.

The Nike Air Max 95
The Nike Air Max 95 is a classic runner from the Nike Air Max line designed by Sergio Lozano. FYI the wavy design intended as an interpretation of the human anatomy. Yes, it is timeless, but that doesn’t stop Nike from tweaking the design just a little bit adding some modern interestingness. The seamless upper is a combination of mesh and foam, so it’s more comfortable than ever and super light. You might remember the original colorway for this sneaker with shimmering tones of neon, which in this case has been replace by a stealthy all-black colorway. An ideal sneaker that pretty much works anytime and anywhere.

If you want a pair, you will be able to find them at select Swoosh accounts and Inflammable in the coming weeks.


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