Gosha Rubchinskiy in New RSVP Gallery Editorial

By August 18, 2016Fashion News

RSVP Gallery showcases new Gosha Rubchinskiy in latest editorial.


Oh my Gosha. Founded in 2008,  Gosha Rubchinskiy acts as a bridge between the high-end and streetwear. The designer was born and raised in Moscow and takes inspiration from Russian youth culture, giving the style of the country’s ‘outsiders’ a centre stage in fashion. This new collection is no exception. With a clear Soviet-era influence, sportswear cuts and the highly-saught Vans collaboration, we at PAUSE want one of everything.

Available now in-store at RSVP Gallery.

gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-2 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-3 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-4 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-7 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-8 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-9 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-10 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-11 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-12 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-13 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-14 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-15 gosha-rubchinskiy-2016-fall-winter-collection-16

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