sacai x Hender Scheme Boots For Fall/Winter 2016

Abe and Kashiwazaki join forces once again.


Following the release of the sacai x Hender Scheme sandals for this summer, both brands have teamed up to create an all-new offering of their previous nude leather boot – however, in a complete contrast. Their previous boot donned a suave nude leather (or alternatively, a black leather) with a rubber and hide sole whereas this new offering is an edgier military version, in an all-black colourway complete with waxed cotton laces and rustic nickel accents. The boots can be defined by the word durable, and offer a range of foam protections and rubber detailing to ensure maximum comfort as well as maximum durability.

The sacai x Hender Scheme collab is available for purchase for approximately £1062 direct from Haven.


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