Stone Island Polypropylene Denim Range

By September 26, 2016Fashion News

Stone Island goes all indigo.


Stone Island releases a capsule collection of Polypropylene denim that will include signature pieces such as Primaloft® lined blouson and hooded jackets. Also in the capsule collection are zip pocket pant, hooded jumpsuit and a rucksack. The Polypropylene Denim Range will boast a lightweight denim construction with a distinct rugged finish to leave Stone Islands urban feel to the range. To get your hands on a piece from the indigo denim collection be expected to drop between $475 CAD (approximately $361 USD) and $1,695 CAD (approximately $1288 USD), which will be available to purchase at Stone Island as well as Haven.

Check out more of the Stone Island Polypropylene Denim Range below:







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