Stüssy x Alpha Industries Collaborate on Military Jackets

By December 15, 2016Fashion News

Stüssy + Alpha Industries = covetable winter-ready jackets.


Stüssy and Alpha Industries are set to release a small collection of jackets they have collaborated on together. The jackets combine the two brands distinctive aesthetics in perfect harmony.

There is the Deck Flight Jacket, which features a durable nylon outer and detachable fur hood and cuff, plus three different colourways of the M-65 – classic camouflage, woodland such and black. The last instalment in the collection is a cotton quilted liner with the words ‘Keeping the Peace’ printed in the back.

The Stüssy x Alpha Industries collection will be available from 16th December from Stüssy Chapter locations.

stussy-alpha-industries-outerwear-2 stussy-alpha-industries-outerwear-4 stussy-alpha-industries-outerwear-5

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