From Nothing To Something: Interview With Italian Trap King Sfera Ebbasta

Sfera Ebbasta

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PAUSE visits Milan to attend the anticipated fashion shows and catch up with Italy’s biggest trap king, Sfera Ebbasta, who talks about his passion for music since 13 and sudden rise to fame. Sfera shares with PAUSE his life changing experience from nothing to something.

So for those that don’t know who you are in the UK, tell us about yourself.

I’m the Italian Trap King. I’m the first Italian rapper who made trap in Italy. I’m the first to sell albums with trap and became popular with it, on radio and TV.

Where in Italy are you from?

Milan, but now I live in Corsico.  I’m from Cinisello, so I made a song for Cinisello named Ciny; it’s my top song, I became popular with that song. A year ago nobody knew me. Now I’m one of the top rappers in Italy.
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“Trap, for me is the new rap”

What made you decide to do trap?

I listen to the new generation of rap, so all the music sounds like trap. Trap, for me is the new rap. It’s the hip hop 2.0. I’m young, and this is my influence.

How old are you?

I’m 23. I never listened to Notorious, Biggie, 2Pac, I started to listen to rap with 50 cent, Lil Wayne, Soulja Boy, so it’s different for me. So that’s why I make trap and not rap or hiphop.
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“I started doing music at 13, but ’til last year, nobody knew me”

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How long have you been doing music for?

I started doing music at 13, but ’til last year, nobody knew me.

When exactly last year?

I don’t remember when exactly, but last year. I made a song called Panette, we got a lot of views, and then when we put out Ciny everybody knew me in the industry. Then I signed with Def Jam for my album, I went on TV/radio and now everybody knows me; well not everybody, but young people!

The internet really helps in terms of trying to get out there. How did you use it?

I use the internet like it is my shop. If you go inside a good shop, you buy all, if you go inside a bad shop you don’t buy anything; you can see something you like but you don’t want to buy it. The internet is like your company. You must think, how, when, why, the time, the date, and you must be careful when you become popular.

Does it scare you sometimes because the internet can make you famous very quickly?

No, I think if you use your brain, it will be a plus for you, you can’t be scared.

How do you handle fame?

I like the feeling of having nothing and then starting to have something. Sometimes it’s a little bit stressful, like when you are eating and somebody wants to take a photo or you’re shopping and people look at you, or in the club, at night, if you want to go with your girlfriend for a drink, you can’t – unless you go where nobody knows you. The more popular you are, the less places where nobody knows you!

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So your private life is difficult?

My private life is kept in my home or in the studio; I can be myself 100%. When I’m outside I’m Sfera Ebbasta, everybody knows me as a rapper, no girlfriend, only a rapper with jewels.

In music, are followers important?

It depends, if you do good music, music you personally like and get many followers for that, it’s good.   If you are only in the business for the money and fame, and your music reflects this,  in my opinion it’s not good.

So what do you do it for?

I do it because it’s my passion. I did it three years ago with no money or fame, now I do it for money and fame but only because it is my passion. They pay me for my passion and this is good, but it’s not only for that.

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“I did it three years ago with no money or fame, now I do it… because it is my passion.”

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What’s are your favourite designer brands?

This year, I like Gucci, because it is such a good collection.  I like the flowers, it’s luxury but street.

How do you come up with your visuals for your videos?

It’s group work; sometimes I have one idea and everybody expands on it so a small idea becomes bigger. First and foremost it’s teamwork.  I was the first in Italian rap to help others.  When I became popular I helped my video maker, my friend who makes rap, my friend who makes beats, and now everybody is strong. Now all of my friends who started with me are popular. We make songs together, grow together, the group is the force.


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