LFWM: BERTHOLD Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

By January 9, 2017Fashion Shows

Exploring the “Rhythm Of Restriction”

Austrian-born designer Raimund Berthold recently presented his Autumn/Winter 2017 collection to us London folk. The collection is an amass of elongated sleeves and exaggerated silhouettes, such as wide-legged trousers and boxy blousons. Berthold, himself, strives towards designing his collections so that they are free from defined shapes, which has been illustrated by this show. As we’ve seen from other designers this weekend, BERTHOLD has designed this collection so that an eclectic colour palette features throughout: polar white, heavy black and bruise prevail. To top off this collection and make it Autumn/Winter suitable, the collection features materials such as felted wool and fluffy mohair.

Photos: Willem Jaspert

berthold_aw17_01 berthold_aw17_02 berthold_aw17_03 berthold_aw17_04 berthold_aw17_05 berthold_aw17_06 berthold_aw17_07 berthold_aw17_08 berthold_aw17_09 berthold_aw17_10 berthold_aw17_11 berthold_aw17_12 berthold_aw17_13 berthold_aw17_14 berthold_aw17_15 berthold_aw17_16 berthold_aw17_17 berthold_aw17_18 berthold_aw17_19 berthold_aw17_20 berthold_aw17_21 berthold_aw17_22 berthold_aw17_23 berthold_aw17_24

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