LFWM: Lou Dalton Fall/Winter 2017 Collection

See the full Lou Dalton Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at London Fashion Week Men’s:


Walking to St James Market in West End was just like walking in the den of black and white minimalist lifestyle. Along with its retail shops and restaurants, this location is probably one of the most accurate place for simplicity and refined clothing. Also, the best venue for Lou Dalton’s Fall/Winter 2017 collection. The designer welcomed the audience right there, setting her colorful and vivid offering to contrast against the pure decor.

After a take on the utilitarian uniform for her previous Spring/Summer 2017 collection, Lou Dalton decided to strike back with a different tone. Dalton, who cut her teeth at the Royal College of Art and beside international renowned designers throughout the world, has been building her menswear empire many years now, for the pleasure of men’s silhouettes. Denim ensembles, baby-pink sweaters and oversized textured scarves had us longing for the upcoming Fall/Winter 2017 collection. Check the photos below, shot by photographer Anabel Navarro Llorens.

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