London College Of Fashion MA Menswear 2017 Catwalk Show

UAL Graduates Showcase Their Menswear Collections.

The annual London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London MA Menswears catwalk show was hosted at St John Smith Square featuring collections from the MA Fashion Design Technology Menswear course. The nine graduate designers chosen to display their works by Angela Lambert, buyer at Yohji Yamamoto and designer Domingo Rodriguez were Soo Jin Cho, Jooin Yang, Wentao Shi, Tak Lee, Peng Tai, Shu Yao, Zhenhao Guo, Chang Zhang and Changxi Shao, with styling provided by Anders Sølvsten Thomsen.

The MA17 graduate season will continue with the MA Womenswear catwalk show on 16th February.

Zhenhao Guo

zhenhaoguo_pause9 zhenhaoguo_pause8 zhenhaoguo_pause7 zhenhaoguo_pause6 zhenhaoguo_pause5 zhenhaoguo_pause4 zhenhaoguo_pause3 zhenhaoguo_pause2 zhenhaoguo_pause1

Tak Lee  taklee_pausetaklee_pause1 taklee_pause8 taklee_pause7 taklee_pause6 taklee_pause5 taklee_pause4 taklee_pause3 taklee_pause2 Soo Jin Cho soojincho_pausesoojincho_pause1 soojincho_pause4 soojincho_pause3 soojincho_pause2soojincho_pause5

Shu Yao

shuyao_pause1 shuyao_pause9 shuyao_pause8 shuyao_pause7 shuyao_pause6 shuyao_pause5 shuyao_pause4 shuyao_pause3 shuyao_pause2Peng Tai

pengtai_pausepengtai_pause10pengtai_pause8 pengtai_pause7 pengtai_pause6pengtai_pause1 pengtai_pause5 pengtai_pause4 pengtai_pause3 pengtai_pause2

Jooin Yang

jooinyang_pausejooinyang_pause10 jooinyang_pause9 jooinyang_pause8 jooinyang_pause7 jooinyang_pause6 jooinyang_pause5 jooinyang_pause4 jooinyang_pause3 jooinyang_pause2 jooinyang_pause1

Changxi Shao

lchangxishao_pausechangxishao_pause10 changxishao_pause9 changxishao_pause8 changxishao_pause7 changxishao_pause6 changxishao_pause5 changxishao_pause4changxishao_pause2 changxishao_pause1

Wentao Shi


Chang Zhang

Chang Zhang_PAUSE

changzhang_pause1 changzhang_pause4 changzhang_pause3 changzhang_pause2changzhang_pause9changzhang_pause8 changzhang_pause7 changzhang_pause6 changzhang_pause5

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  • johannes dowit says:

    what a wonderful bevy of talents your school cherishes. I wish them all much happiness in their professional lives.

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