MFW: Moncler Gamme Bleu Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Moncler and Thom Browne debuted their Moncler Gamme Bleu Autumn/Winter 2017 collection at Milan Fashion Week. Each season the collection has a theme and this year, it was mountaineering. The collection features a range of extravagant outerwear including longline coats featuring rope detailing and oversized puffer jackets. Red, white and blue stripes are also a common theme, especially on beanie and sleeve detailing.

Check out all the looks from the show below.

Moncler_PAUSE13 Moncler_PAUSE12 Moncler_PAUSE11 Moncler_PAUSE10 Moncler_PAUSE9 Moncler_PAUSE8 Moncler_PAUSE7 Moncler_PAUSE6 Moncler_PAUSE5 Moncler_PAUSE4 Moncler_PAUSE3 Moncler_PAUSE2 Moncler_PAUSE1 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE17 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE12 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE14 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE16 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE11 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE10 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE9 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE8 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE4 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE6 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE2 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE1 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE3 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE15 MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE5MonclerGammeBleu_PAUSE13

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