MFW: Moschino Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

Moschino debuted their Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection at Milan Fashion Week. With Jeremy Scott not being one for subtlety, the collection’s main focus was bold prints – cosmic, flowers, camouflage, Renaissance prints and more, rather bright and colourful for Autumn/Winter. It features jacket and trouser two pieces, denim, fur coats, gloves and more as well as some minimal pieces in military green and black.

Check out all the looks from the runway below.

Moschino_PAUSE60 Moschino_PAUSE58 Moschino_PAUSE56 Moschino_PAUSE64 Moschino_PAUSE63 Moschino_PAUSE62 Moschino_PAUSE61 Moschino_PAUSE59 Moschino_PAUSE57 Moschino_PAUSE55 Moschino_PAUSE50 Moschino_PAUSE48 Moschino_PAUSE54 Moschino_PAUSE53 Moschino_PAUSE70 Moschino_PAUSE69 Moschino_PAUSE68 Moschino_PAUSE67 Moschino_PAUSE52 Moschino_PAUSE51 Moschino_PAUSE49 Moschino_PAUSE66 Moschino_PAUSE47 Moschino_PAUSE46 Moschino_PAUSE31 Moschino_PAUSE29 Moschino_PAUSE27 Moschino_PAUSE35 Moschino_PAUSE34 Moschino_PAUSE33 Moschino_PAUSE32 Moschino_PAUSE30 Moschino_PAUSE28 Moschino_PAUSE26 Moschino_PAUSE41 Moschino_PAUSE39 Moschino_PAUSE37 Moschino_PAUSE45 Moschino_PAUSE44 Moschino_PAUSE43 Moschino_PAUSE42 Moschino_PAUSE40 Moschino_PAUSE38 Moschino_PAUSE36 Moschino_PAUSE21 Moschino_PAUSE19 Moschino_PAUSE17 Moschino_PAUSE25 Moschino_PAUSE24 Moschino_PAUSE23 Moschino_PAUSE22 Moschino_PAUSE20 Moschino_PAUSE18 Moschino_PAUSE16 Moschino_PAUSE11 Moschino_PAUSE9 Moschino_PAUSE7 Moschino_PAUSE15 Moschino_PAUSE14 Moschino_PAUSE13 Moschino_PAUSE12 Moschino_PAUSE4 Moschino_PAUSE10 Moschino_PAUSE8 Moschino_PAUSE6 Moschino_PAUSE3 Moschino_PAUSE2 Moschino_PAUSE1 Moschino_PAUSE5Moschino_PAUSE65

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