PFW: Lemaire Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

See the Lemaire full Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week Men’s:


For this Autumn/Winter 2017 edition of Paris Fashion Week, Lemaire stood for simplicity and refined cuts. The menswear collection was unveiled in the Palais de la Femme in Paris and starred the fresh yet distinctive faces of Oliver Kumbi, Louie Johnson and Finnlay Davis, amongst others. A squad of Lemaire boys who indeed, sported a subtle palette of winter colours combined with some warm autumnal hues.

The impeccable tailoring was underlined by comfortable and crisp long-sleeved tops, pull over the black, brown and navy-blue tailored trousers, a little touch of the ‘Lemaire effect’. Thoughtfully layering suits and comfortable outerwear pieces, Lemaire maintains his refined collection for the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2017 season and already has us waiting eagerly for the next ‘Dandy workwear’ wardrobe. Here’s to the minimalist lovers.

Lemaire_fw17_2 Lemaire_fw17_3 Lemaire_fw17_4 Lemaire_fw17_5 Lemaire_fw17_6 Lemaire_fw17_7 Lemaire_fw17_8 Lemaire_fw17_9 Lemaire_fw17_10 Lemaire_fw17_11 Lemaire_fw17_12 Lemaire_fw17_13 Lemaire_fw17_14 Lemaire_fw17_15 Lemaire_fw17_16 Lemaire_fw17_17 Lemaire_fw17_18 Lemaire_fw17_19 Lemaire_fw17_20 Lemaire_fw17_21 Lemaire_fw17_22 Lemaire_fw17_23 Lemaire_fw17_24 Lemaire_fw17_25 Lemaire_fw17_26 Lemaire_fw17_27 Lemaire_fw17_28 Lemaire_fw17_29 Lemaire_fw17_30 Lemaire_fw17_31 Lemaire_fw17_32 Lemaire_fw17_33 Lemaire_fw17_34 Lemaire_fw17_35 Lemaire_fw17_36 Lemaire_fw17_37 Lemaire_fw17_38 Lemaire_fw17_39 Lemaire_fw17_40

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