PFW: Y/Project Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection

By January 20, 2017Fashion Shows

See the Y/Project Autumn/Winter 2017 Menswear collection as it appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week:


As Y/Project unveiled the Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, directive director Glenn Martens offered a hip hop-influenced show, going in with a major take on romantic vibes. The Belgian graduate, who studied at the Royal Academy of Antwerp, referred to historical references to regal regimes and modern urban icons.

Faux-fur were partnered with silk and corduroy suits. Patchwork jeans and joggers, silk shirts and denim jackets made a comeback reminiscent of our 90’s hip hop legend’s attires. Regarding the accessories, we perceived historical references to Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Napoleon and Josephine. As the collection is about to drop later in the year, it will be difficult to contain our excitement. Indeed, we’re more than ready to get our hands on some of the pieces that make us feel nostalgic about 90’s culture.

Check the photos below:

YProject_fw17_2 YProject_fw17_3 YProject_fw17_4 YProject_fw17_5 YProject_fw17_6 YProject_fw17_7 YProject_fw17_8 YProject_fw17_9 YProject_fw17_10 YProject_fw17_11 YProject_fw17_12 YProject_fw17_13 YProject_fw17_14 YProject_fw17_15 YProject_fw17_16 YProject_fw17_17 YProject_fw17_19 YProject_fw17_20 YProject_fw17_21 YProject_fw17_22 YProject_fw17_23 YProject_fw17_24 YProject_fw17_25 YProject_fw17_26 YProject_fw17_27 YProject_fw17_28 YProject_fw17_29 YProject_fw17_30

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