Alexander Wang on adidas, Reseller Culture and His Unisex Collection

By February 28, 2017Fashion News

Alexander Wang got interviewed by DAZED magazine.

Alexander Wang was the first one to flip adidas ”three stripes” inside out and turn their trefoil logo upside down. Recently, the designer unveiled his another collaborative project with adidas that was inspired by reseller youth culture. In his interview with DAZED Magazine, Wang touched on his inspiration, being fan of adidas and much more. We have summed up our favourite moments from the interview below. You can read the full interview here.


Alexander Wang has always been a big fan of the brand.

”To me it’s always represented innovation, and it’s always been the one brand that’s had an equally rich heritage in both apparel and footwear.”

Adidas and Boarding School

Despite not being the most athletic person in his PE class, wearing adidas sneakers gave him street cred.

”I grew up in a boarding school where we had to wear school uniform, and the only thing we were allowed to wear that was our own was our footwear, so whether it was the Sambas or the shell-toes, adidas was on regular rotation.”

Adidas and Inspiration

Wang is always looking for someone who he can learn from.

”Sportswear is something that a lot of people are experimenting with right now, but the one thing they don’t have is the heritage and the lifestyle. That was something I felt growing up and even today, there’s an immediacy in seeing iconic adidas items like the soccer jerseys, the tear-away pants, the tracksuits. I really wanted to take that and start from the idea of the originals – but really subvert it.”

Adidas and Unisex

”The first thing I said was that I wanted this to be a unisex collection. Through the fitting process, fabric selection and colour process, we kept that in mind: does it work both ways? Because adidas is not gender-specific, and I wanted to push that further.”

Adidas and Street Trucks

Their newest collaborative collection appeared in street trucks in NYC.

”It’s a reflection of reseller culture, something I feel is evident today. You see people buying things and selling them on eBay seconds later. I wanted to play with that and with what authenticity means. It was amazing to see lines of people on 57th street in front of the most expensive top-tier luxury stores to buy from a truck! That was one of my favourite images to come out of the whole project.”


Adidas Originals designed by Alexander Wang drops on Wednesday, March 1.

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