PAUSE Eats: Fancy Funkin Chicken in Brixton

By February 22, 2017Lifestyle, Restaurant

Your Brixton chicken bar.

Looking for a quick fancy fix? The Fancy Funkin Chicken restaurant slash bar is definitely a go-to spot in Brixton for some nice, relaxed cool vibes.

If you’re a big fan of chicken then Fancy Funkin Chicken could be your new no.1 spot for something fancier. With an option to have a chicken burger and chicken wings, both at the same time hits the all the right spots.

The meals are deliciously cooked quick and ready, with a nice cocktail menu to spice up your mood.

We at PAUSE would recommend the Big Cheese Burger for £9.50, Funkin Hot Wings (Pricing at 8 wings for £6.50, 16 wings for £11.50 or 24 wings for £16.50), Funked Fries for £4.50 and a Chocolate Brownie for £4.50. We guarantee you will be stuffed!

In terms of cocktails, we would recommend the Red Sky At Night for £8.50, a popular choice on the menu.

Overall it has soft music, cool vibes, and great food. Check out Fancy Funkin Chicken today.

Address: 441 Coldharbour Lane, Brixton, London SW9 8LN.

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