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An Interview With A VISION OF”

Why did you call the brand A Vision Of and what is it all about?

We decided to name the brand “A VISION OF” because a vision was born: mix the most known luxury brand identities representing the streetwear and sportswear. We had this idea about 6 months ago, we forecasted that if the fashion world would have created something really innovative in a sector in which everything is already been seen, the noble brands with an important heritage should have been working with the opposite of their identities to target new customers and to create something really unexpected. In facts, after two months the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collection came out, so facts proved our theory. “A VISION OF” for now is only about fashion, but it is on the quotation marks because it is something really dynamic and like every other vision it could catch other business sectors such as music and art and change.

Tell us how you started customising the sneakers? 
It was a time in which we were super influenced by Alessandro Michele and by how he revolutionized Gucci. We love Gucci, but Alessandro Michele is the one that made us fall in love with it.
The well known coral snake was the first symbol with which we played with. We customized the newest yeezys at the time putting Alessandro Michele design on it. The result went viral; it was shared in every Instagram page. There we realized how “of impact” we could be and we kept going on whit it, creating new designs, until when really important brands became interested called us.
What is the process for customising the sneakers?

At the beginning we analyze the main symbol/design that better represent a brand or a topic. Once we’re done with it, we create a graphic mockup and as a next step we decide the design of the custom on the product, that could be new or vintage through our artists.

Who inspires your designs?
As we already said, the first inspirational source was Alessandro Michele. Another artist that we took inspiration from is the well known Trouble Andrew; we found his background and his braveness that made him work with Gucci really interesting. We also take inspiration from artists such as Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat or Jackson Pollok, that give us the strength to believe in what we’re doing. We also like cartoons design such as Super Mario, Looney Tunes, Mickey Mouse and also contemporary artists such as Alec Monopoly. We believe that art, music and fashion need to work together to balance each other. That’s why other source of inspiration for us are music artists and mostly hip hop lyrics.
What else can we expect from the brand?
We experiment a lot and we believe that this is what fashion needs at the moment. For example, we created an IKEA custom 5 months ago, even before that hype started. We anticipated the trend cause we’re not scared of using it. Our braveness could make customer see something really new in a world in which repetition is often used. One of our latest custom was about feminism; we took s concept “we should all be feminists” and we made it a pair of shoes. We demonstrated that also products can deal with important topics without being boring.

You can buy now the AF1 by “A VISION OF” inspired by Trouble Andrew. Shop the collection at

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