”The Rebirth” of Tall Crooks Apparel

Focused on the rebirth of an ancient cult.

Tall Crooks Apparel is a contemporary streetwear brand that was founded in late 2013. After the launch of their very first successful collection ‘TC Originals, ’ Tall Crooks Apparel have recently released their highly-anticipated second collection called ‘The Rebirth.’ Their newest range is all about Tall Crooks being an ancient underworld cult, reborn into the modern day. This cult ideology is loosely based upon the brand’s own re-interpretation of Taoism, an indigenous Chinese religion which emphasizes living in harmony with the Tao.

The owners explained why they decided on the ancient cult story in an interview with Hipe Magazine: ”Streetwear is so hooked on the ‘we came from nothing, now we’re here’ narrative; we wanted to create our own fictional one. Just like a novel or film can gain a fan base, we want our customers and fans to understand this and jump along for the ride by supporting us.”

The contemporary brand aimed to create an aesthetic that would be timeless. ‘The Rebirth’ is a minimalist collection that is heavily focused on monochromatic colours. Tall Crook’s newest collection consists of T-shirts and hats – you can cop your favourite piece here.

The owners said they kept seeing the same garments, models, and copycat brands on the streetwear scene. Tall Crooks Apparel believe that it would be easy to focus their brand on what would give them quick sales, however, they have instead aimed to create something to withstand the test of time; something quite necessary in the fast-ever-changing fashion industry. They added ‘‘we basically wanted to convert all these ideas we had going on in our heads and express that into the brand. That way we stay true to ourselves and fingers crossed our followers enjoy it too.” If you enjoy looking at the brand’s new collection below, do not forget to follow them on Instagram to keep up with their news.

See more photos of Tall Crooks Apparel’s second collection called ‘The Rebirth’ below.

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