What to Wear on the First Date: Tips for Men

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What to wear on a date with a girl? It is especially important to do in the right way if this is the first date. The first meeting is like the first interview for a job. Your future depends on how everything goes. Of course, you can’t get rid of excitement in such a situation because you have to show all your best qualities, impress a girl and emphasize your dignity. Your appearance plays a significant role on the first date. Girls are very attentive to the clothes, and you can be sure that your clothes will tell a lot without words. So, if you have a date with one of the girls from LoveAffilates, then you have to be prepared for it.

A date in the open air

A date is not only a get-together at a luxury restaurant with a glass of expensive red wine in your hand. You can invite a girl to a rollerdrome or just stroll in the park. All these options include active pastime. Of course, if there is summer outside, then you may take a soft blanket and a basket of food and sit in the shade of trees. But still, when deciding how to get dressed for a date with a woman in these situations, first of all, you should focus on convenience during the movement.

Choose from your wardrobe comfortable brown or khaki pants. Jeans are also appropriate. Put on a shirt and a loose jacket. You can wear a white T-shirt and a classic cardigan with small buttons – a convenient detail of the wardrobe for all occasions. As for shoes, it is better to choose comfortable moccasins or sneakers.

A date at a cafe

There are situations when it is convenient to appoint a date in a cafe. For example, you can go with a colleague to the nearest cafe after work and have a cup of coffee with a piece of cake.

In that case, we recommend adding some formalities to the casual dress code and wear a sports shirt and a jacket instead of casual t-shirts and sweaters. If you don’t have a jacket, you can wear a V-neck blazer. What about shoes? Wear classic men’s shoes or good classic (not athletic!) white sneakers. It becomes the almost smart casual style, in which you can even go to the club with a girl.

A date at the theater

It is better not to experiment with images in this situation. You have to buy (if it is still not in the wardrobe) a very formal suit. And wear shoes of black color and a light shirt. The theater is a great place that shows how a man should dress for a date. Properly created image increases all chances to gain the attention of your chosen one.

A date at a luxury restaurant

If you invited a girl to a good restaurant and this is quite a serious date, you should dress appropriately.

You must have at least one classic suit. It also has to be worn on dates where you need to follow a formal dress code. There should be a classic shirt of light colors in addition to the classic suit. You have to wear classic shoes as well. In addition, accessories such as a tie, cufflinks, a watch can also be recommended for use.

A date at the movie

Actually, the movie is one of the worst options for the first appointment. A date involves a joint pastime, and not a waste of time watching some film in the environment of strangers who are not interesting to you. Nevertheless, if the decision is made in favor of a date in the cinema, we recommend you to wear comfortable jeans, T-shirt, and classic white sneakers.

Some additional tips:

  • Clothes of a man should be clean and ironed, and your shoes have to be clean as well.
  • Don’t wear only black clothes: this will create an unpleasant situation of mourning.
  • Don’t wear clothes that are uncomfortable for you.
  • You should also follow the rules of how to combine colors.
  • Pay special attention to accessories.

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