How Fashionable is your Phone Case?

By July 11, 2017Sponsored

As our love affair with our smartphones continue to grow and expand so do the offshoot industries that provide the ‘must have’ accessories.

Our phones help us to feel good, and when a certain behaviour makes us feel good, then we will return to that source repeatedly. For instance how many times have you found yourself checking on Facebook updates without knowing how your phone got into your hand?

We grab these moments in our busy lives in order to de-stress. Increasingly we source our entertainment through our smartphones whether that is updating Facebook or  playing on one of the best online bingo site games. We need to be able to keep up with family and friends, have a laugh and add a little excitement when and where we choose in our work filled days.

Because we love our smartphones so much it only makes sense that we would want to dress them well, to individulise them to suit our own personalities in much the same way as our choice of apps does, because let’s face it at this exact moment, which of the following is closest to your person; your keys, your wallet or purse, or your phone?

Most likely the answer is your phone, and because they have become items that we are rarely parted from it only makes sense that this year it is the phone case that is the most important accessory to own.

The term ‘on your phone’ today means that the case is on display to the world, and if you have the money to fork out that case can be pretty spectacular to say the least.

Take the Crystal-covered case from Swarovski which is priced at $239. It’s not the most expensive case you can buy and it sure does glitter. Definitely one for the lovers of all things sparkly and it’s affordable as a special birthday or Christmas present for that special someone

Gucci do one for the men in the form of Gucci crocodile that costs $495. If you are not adverse to animal skins covering and protecting your phone then this is the one for you.

Not to be outdone Dolce & Gabbana do a mock iguana effect leather phone case that costs $895. The high quality materials used in the making of this beautifully crafted case and the gorgeous jewelry on the back is certainly an eyecatcher.

Another beautiful case is the flower Eifel tower case which costs $1495 the design it to die for and oozes romance.

Louis Vuitton has designed the golden crocodile leather case and it really is stunning with its tiny key tag. The Eye-Trunk costs a hefty $5,500 and was seen on the catwalk this year.

If gold is your thing then perhaps the 18k gold case from Gresso with its 11 diamonds might just float your boat. Priced at $7,000  this iPhone case is a limited collection piece.

But if money is no object and you are having problems trying to spend it what about the Dragon and spider from Anita Mai Tan priced at $880,000? Made out of 18k white gold with 75% of the body covered in diamonds, not something you want to lose in the back seat of a taxi.

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