part/WHOLE Release First ‘Hands Of Man’ Collection And Lookbook

By July 21, 2017Fashion News

A Part To The Whole.

part/WHOLE have released their first collection entitled ‘Hands of Man’. The brand’s name comes from the “part to whole relationship” phrase that is commonly used in design and architecture, with these themes becoming apparent throughout the lookbook. The brand intends to abstract a piece of something found within a larger context and then display these thematic design ideas that carry beyond scale. The collection ‘Hands of Man’ explores the symbolism and implied meaning behind hand gestures and the stories they tell within religious contexts as well as the anatomical representation throughout the history of European artwork. The lookbook reflects these thoughts and themes through placing photos of the model wearing the clothes next to historic statues and buildings, completing the image down to even the minute details such as the images being numbered in roman numerals. The drapery used in the background of the lookbook hints at the texture of a priest’s vestments, inspired by Da Vinci’s Study Of Hands, Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of Horatii and more.

The collection includes long sleeve T-Shirts and Hoodies with a key piece being the Life/Death long sleeve T-Shirt which features a hand sewn patch showing a portion of William-Adolphe Bouguereau’s, Dante and Virgin, displaying only the arms in the painting as well as a hand sewn part/WHOLE tag on the right sleeve.

The part/WHOLE ‘Hands of Man’ collection is available online now, with prices ranging from $45 to $55.

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