4 Timeless, Low-Maintenance Hairstyles for Men

By July 28, 2017Grooming, Hair

Keep maintenance to a minimum with these four timeless cuts.

mens low maintenance hair

As much as we all love to maintain a manageable, slick and simultaneously easy to style head of hair; working a trip to the barbers into our already busy schedules can often find its way to the bottom of our to-do lists. Your best bet? Go for something that doesn’t require too much TLC or touch ups. We spoke to Paul Windle of London’s renowned Windle & Moodie in Covent Garden about some of your better options and the easiest ways to approach styling.

#1: French Crop

Arguably the perfect marriage of style and simplicity, the French crop is defined by tapered or shorter sides with a marginally longer, textured top. While going shorter you go on the sides will reduce your barber visits, you can also just let it grow out naturally when you want something with a little more weight to it.

This is your typical short, back and sides, however it’s important to determine how short you want to go. Ask your barber for a high fade if you want short sides to really emphasise your crop.

To style this look you want the top combed forward as well as using a dry, matte paste. Spread evenly into your hands first then distribute into hair. For finer hair I suggest adding a thickening cream for more lift and volume or a texture enhancing cream for a gritty, piecey look.

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mens french crop hairstyle


#2: Buzz Cut

About as straightforward as it gets, maintaining a buzz cut will require nothing more than the odd trip to your barbers – depending on how long you’re willing to let it grow. In terms of styling, unless you want to add a little product for a little texture when things get longer, you needn’t do anything else.

This is a traditional military crop which is super low maintenance and requires minimal to no styling. It’s important to discuss with your barber what length or taper you want as there are various options and severitys. Try a #3 or #4 attachment for a longer, more relaxed look or go straight in for a #2 for a shorter, sharper buzz.

mens buzzcut hairstyles


#3: Short Side Parting

Bridging the gap between contemporary and classic, a shorter side parting is a lot easier to maintain that you’d imagine. As always, you can shake off the classic touch with a higher, tighter fade or keep things a little more understated with lengthier sides. Our take? Go short, then simply let it grow out into a longer side parting over time – reducing the need for trips to the barbers.

Classic side partings tend to be very popular as it’s such a versatile, fun style.

Be bold enough to ask if you have a preference on what side you want your parting, otherwise, your barber will usually see which side your parting naturally breaks from your crown and work with it. The closer to your natural break the better as this will allow you to maintain the style easier. Use a textured, strong wax for a hold that lasts all day long. Disperse into hands to add heat and then spread evenly into hair. The key when using this product is to use sparingly. Never overuse and just keep layering until you achieve your desired look.

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mens short side parting hairstyles


#4: Shaggy Shoulder Length

Another style that may surprise you with an appearance on this list. Due to its textured messy finish and nonchalant approach to length, styling a shaggy shoulder cut can be kept to a minimum with ease. You really only need to be adding product/styling after a wash with little maintenance required in between as messy, dishevelled finish is what we’re going for.

Again, it’s important to be really specific about the length with this one. If you’re unsure, go with where the hair just brushes the shoulder.

Use a thickening cream to create volume or scrunch in a curl enhancer for more defined waves/ curls. Picking up an sheen or anti frizz spray is great if you’re after more of a clean, polished look and to smooth down any fly aways. Finish with hairspray to keep everything in place and for humidity resistance

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mens shaggy shoulder length hairstyles


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