Things you probably didn’t know about your clothes and what they say about you

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There are many ways to read someone’s personality, and one of them is through the clothing they wear or keep over the years. It might not seem like a very effective way to get insight on what a person is like, but there are many things you can find out about this way.  Sure, you can’t tell whether or not someone goes more frequently to the horse track or dog track (although let’s face it, there’s hardly need for either when you can just click here for your betting needs), but you can get a better understanding of how they’re wired.

If you’re curious to know what kind of things you can find out about a person through their clothing habits, keep reading this article as we proceed to explore the specifics.

Holding on to old clothing

If someone holds on to old pieces of clothing or even entire outfits, they might be clinging on to the past. Clothes, like many other objects, can hold immense sentimental value which means that even though they’re not wearing that blouse or skirt any longer, they’re keeping close because of what they represent for that person.

Not standing out with clothing

People that don’t stand out at all with their clothing, in the sense that they mostly prefer neutral pieces with little or no accessories, are most likely to be afraid of change. They just lack the courage or determination to stand out in a crowd or to leave their comfort zone in order to explore something new, and this isn’t necessarily restricted to clothing.

Wearing large or baggy clothes

People might appear to be slim, but if they were once overweight, the situation might be very different on the inside. Either that or something else might be causing someone that wears large or baggy clothes to perceive their own bodies in another light than what the rest of us see. Of course, we’re not talking about clothes that are anything else other than sticking tight to the body, but clothes that are obviously too large for that person’s body.

Dressing inappropriately for their age

People that dress for a different age than they are in reality might have an internal conflict between the age they feel and the age they are. It’s nothing new for younger people to feel old or for older people to feel young. However the fact that some prefer to dress for their “inner-selves” instead of what’s on the outside might show that they are much more at peace with the second half.

Always wearing the office pants

People that you most often find wearing their work clothes are usually work-driven and perceive themselves good or bad, through the prism of their work achievements. As a person, they relate to other people through the work they’ve accomplished and it’s what makes them feel most secure.

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