Uniqlo U Reveals Fall/Winter Collection

By September 27, 2017Fashion News

The latest from Uniqlo U.

UNIQLO announces that it will launch the Fall/Winter 2017 Uniqlo U collection at stores and through the online store. This is the third Uniqlo U collection from the design team at the UNIQLO Paris R&D Center, led by Artistic Director, Christophe Lemaire. The new range stems from a drive to make clothing an ideal expression of its wearer, taking LifeWear toward the future through design, pattern, fabric development and stitching innovations as part of a commitment to reinventing wardrobe basics.

The full collection will be available at selected UNIQLO stores and online in 19 countries and territories. All stores will sell parts of the range. The line will comprise 46 women’s and 27 men’s items in S through XXL sizes, as well as 11 accessories. XL through XXL pieces will be available only online.

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