Ways to Get Affordable Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Expensive

By October 7, 2017Guest Post
Overview of the 4Cs of Diamonds

Engagement rings are one of the most special pieces of jewelry as they signify love and commitment. This also means you will have to spend a significant amount of time to find that one diamond engagement ringsthat matches your taste so that you can wear it for the rest of your life. When you assess a diamond based on its quality, you need to consider the 4Cs of a diamond, which are its cut, clarity, color, and carat. These quality aspects also decide how expensive your diamond is.

In terms of cut, diamonds with a larger table are more expensive. Likewise, diamonds that weigh more, come with minimal imperfections, and have no color or undertone are also pricier. However, you can focus on certain characteristics of a diamond while compromising on some, which can help you find a diamond engagement ring that fits your budget while looking expensive.

Steps to Find the Most Exquisite Diamond Engagement Rings That Look Expensive

Finding a diamond ring that is affordable and looks and feels grand and expensive is not that challenging. It all comes down to how you approach the design of the diamond and the ring. Keeping the 4Cs in mind, here are some tips worth following if you’re on the lookout for the diamond engagement ring of your dreams.

● Look For Bigger Diamonds

One thing common about all the extremely expensive diamond engagement rings that celebrities flaunt is their size. Bigger diamonds automatically get a lot of attention and look a lot more expensive. Therefore, designs that make your centerpiece stand out can be a good way to give an impression that your diamond ring is exquisite. Solitaire rings are quite popular for having a gigantic diamond adorning the finger, and you can look for a variety of shapes.

● Check Diamond’s Cut and Shape

One of the most trending cuts and shapes that make a diamond look relatively bigger is a round-cut diamond. Round diamonds cover more surface area than oval and square-shaped diamonds. Therefore, more light passes through them, making them shinier and blingier. For instance, if you compare a 2-carat princess-cut and a round-cut diamond by keeping them side by side, you will easily notice how the round-cut diamond looks bigger despite weighing just as much as a princess-cut diamond.

● Consider Lab-Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Lab-grown diamonds are the best alternative when you’re shopping on a budget but want your engagement ring to look flawless and elegant. Despite having the same characteristics as natural, mined diamonds, lab-created diamonds are almost half the price of their traditional counterparts. Lab-grown diamonds also come with a certificate, which makes it clear that they’re authentic diamonds irrespective of their origin.

These diamonds can range from pocket-friendly to expensive based on their 4Cs and grading. However, they are definitely a more pocket-friendly option compared to natural diamonds.

● Consider Moissanite Diamond Engagement Rings

Buyers on a budget can also consider moissanite, a gem that looks very much like a diamond. While moissanite is not a certified diamond and has a few distinct physical properties, it packs a beautiful shine. You can find a whole range of sizes and designs in moissanite engagement rings. Moreover, it comes with a surprisingly reasonable price tag of one-tenth the cost of a natural diamond. So, you can explore more options in engagement rings that have a big gem sitting right on top of your finger without the ring burning a hole in your pocket when you opt for moissanite.

● Consider Thin Ring Band Diamond Engagement Rings

Believe it or not, it is not just the size of the diamond that decides how expensive your engagement ring looks. When your ring has a thinner band, it makes the diamond look bigger. Likewise, a chunky ring band might take the focus off the diamond, making it look smaller than it is. Therefore, for people who would rather invest in natural or lab-grown diamonds with higher gradings in terms of the 4Cs, the best way to make a decently sized diamond look bigger is to go for a thin ring band. If you’re inclined towards buying a solitaire ring, this trick is particularly helpful in making the diamond look huge.

● Consider Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Engagement rings with a halo setting have a diamond in the center surrounded by smaller diamonds around them. If you have a smaller diamond at the center, you can opt for a double halo ring design which comes with two layers of accent diamonds that surround your center stone. This serves as an illusion to make your center diamond look bigger than it is. A diamond that is just 1 carat can even look like it is 3 carats when you opt for the halo setting.

In fact, halo-setting engagement rings have become quite the trend these days. This means you will easily find a host of halo-setting designs in terms of the color and shape of the diamond to choose from. The center diamond in a halo setting can be round, princess cut, Asscher, emerald, or even cushion cut.

● How Affordable is Color Diamond?

White diamonds are considered to be quite expensive, given they also have a high degree of clarity. However, certain colored diamonds can be significantly more expensive than white diamonds as they’re extremely rare. Some such colored diamonds are red, blue, pink, and yellow.

However, if you’re looking for a colored diamond without having to cross your budget, you can consider some colors that are actually more affordable. Some of the colors in diamonds that are growing in popularity include champagne, gray, and black diamonds. They give your diamond engagement ring a hint of uniqueness without costing you as much as a white, colorless diamond would.

Another trending combination is salt and pepper color in diamond rings. These diamonds have black and white accents and they’re a great choice if you’re into vintage styles. What makes them stand out from most other colors is their unique look and personality. Therefore, they’re definitely a good choice for engagement rings.

An engagement ring is more about the commitment you are making with your loved one rather than its price tag. It is a dream of every girl to have an engagement ring that is unique and absolutely elegant. However, you don’t have to break the bank to have the ring of your dreams. When you shop smart and follow the above-mentioned tips, you are sure to find an engagement ring that looks expensive but is actually quite affordable.

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