PAUSE meets Nikolay..

What do you use Instagram for? 

My aim is to spread the idea of using old clothes to create avant-garde streetstyle pieces, in the future I hope to find like-minded people and create an atelier that continues my ideas!

Why did you start it?

I created a page to share with the world the products of my way of life – pictures, illustrations, skatevids, photos about my music band. Over time, I realised what people like best, namely, outfits.

When did you start fashion blogging? 

I simply started sharing my outfits with a variety of bloggers, over time they gained interest in my persona…

Why is your Instagram handle ‘chiveskella’?

I took this euphonious and meaningless word from Russian culture of internet anonymity.

What is your favourite Instagram photo you have taken and why? 

All of the photos my girlfriend (@notosch) takes of me.

Describe your style in one word.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

I was a member of several underground punk bands and I broadcast my identity to punk culture through unusual clothes. So it’s the main principle on which i dress. Thanks to the accounts in Instagram dedicated to style in fashion, I’m able to promote the trends set by respected fashion designers and stylists of the world. I’m highly inspired by quality clothes.

Where are you from and how has the place influenced your style?

I was born in Moscow, Russia. So I grew up here during the period of rapid capitalisation of society, watching the awkward attempts of people to join the culture of consumption. Such an environment makes it possible to give birth to new forms of existing subcultures in order to simulate. In 2004 I joined the skate culture, adopting the “skate and destroy” philosophy, for which things serve as a fleeting decoration for the theatre of life.

What are you going to be wearing this AW17?

I will stick to my style, combine luxurious pieces with the old clothes transformed by me.

Which is your favourite brand?

My favorite brand is my concept atelier, in which I refine old clothes by creating new forms and images in order to popularise the reuse of clothes to combat the overproduction of low-quality clothing. The brand has no name until i find like-minded people and create a collective product!

Do you have any tips for taking a good photo?

If you want to take a good outfit shot, you should hide your personality behind clothes so that people can imagine themselves in your outfit.

How do you manage to post so consistently? 

I have a tripod with remote control, so I only really need to rely on myself to take the photos, which makes it a lot easier.


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