Our 5 favourite Autumn/Winter 2018 shows at London Fashion Week Men's

London Fashion Week Men’s kick-started new trends, carried through current trends and resurrected past trends for Autumn/Winter 2018. Booming with creativity, the weekend showcased some of the best talent from the British Isles and beyond, looking towards the future of menswear. The ever-increasing sector of the fashion industry continues to take risks, be bold and unveil the unexpected, keeping fashion crowds on their toes. Here are our top 5 shows for LFWM Autumn/Winter 2018.

1. Edward Crutchley

Adventure-explorer, exotic chic; Edward Crutchley’s Autumn/Winter show was an assortment of Greek imagery, velvets, fur jackets and bejewelled headpieces all depicting long-lost luxury. Crutchley uses such notions to produce pieces of athleisure wear in contemporary cuts, pioneering the new by embracing the ancient. Fresh and unconventional, the collection is a mix-match of designs, a vision of deconstructing historic high-culture, borrowing aspects to outfit individuals today.

2. Qasimi

Qasimi’s Wes Anderson-esque Autumn/Winter collection jammed pack with soft shades, stripes and oversized silhouettes reinvented current trends. Taking in-vogue cuban collars and slogan sweatshirts, combining them with a sixties colour palette and pairing them with checks and chinos makes vintage stylising cool once more. Daring to stand out by ironically muting tones and reviving looks in novel ways is precisely why the Qasimi Autumn/Winter 2018 show is part of our top 5.

3. John Lawrence Sullivan

Freeing our minds, the John Lawerence Sullivan Autumn/Winter 2018 collection has a sense of Matrix mode. Rich in leathers, strict in a moody colour palette and accessorised with sunglasses of several shapes and sizes, the upcoming season takes inspiration from sci-fi/thrillers to create looks certain to invent future fashion crazes. Greens, purples, blacks and denims paint the catwalk as business wear silhouettes are remixed with gothic notions to seduce feelings of the sublime. The most imaginative show at London Fashion Week Men’s, John Lawerence Sullivan is a strong player on the menswear scene which is why it makes it onto our list.

4. Liam Hodges

Rebellion became the key concept for the Autumn/Winter 2018 collection at the Liam Hodges show. Long sleeved Fila polos, decorative double denims, stripes composed of clashing colours and grotesque graphics assembled together, conveying rule-breaking and 90’s nostalgia. Accessorised with badges, caps and cross body bags, rave culture fashions are captured in looks that come with a radical edge. Unorthodox hairstyles, scribbled fonts and conflicting patterns were juxtaposed together to generate alternative looks for the non-conformists of Britain and beyond, making it a must on our top 5 list.

5. Bobby Abley

Eh, whats up, Bob? With a little help from Bugs Bunny and Friends, Bobby Abley’s Autumn/Winter 2018 show was infused with playful Looney Tunes references, furry fabrics and an upbeat soundtrack which glitter faced models came road-running down the catwalk to. As Sylvester the cat adorned Abley’s season transcending neoprene sweatshirts, quirky Tweety Pie pullovers and furry grey, rabbit like dungarees pioneered new trends taken from the classic Warner Bros characters. The designer styled the animated pieces with Timberlands, tartans and tinted sunglasses, appealing to an audience of trend followers and millennials. Merging fashion with popular culture in fun, post-modern ways is why Bobby Abley’s Autumn/Winter 2018 show features on our list.

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