Louis Vuitton Unveil First Ever Men’s Fragrance Collection

By May 3, 2018Grooming

"A Journey Dedicated to Men"

Maintaining their forward moving momentum, iconic fashion house Louis Vuitton has revealed their first ever men’s fragrance collection is to be released later this month.

Making up for lost time, fans of the French label can expect no less than five fragrances to drop as a part of the first lineup; L’Immesité “an infinite inner journey”, Nouveau Monde “a homage to explorers”, Orage “The almighty nature of the elements”, Sur La Route “a life path, a lesson in self” & Au Hasard “a taste for risk”.

Ranging from light and airy options like L’Immesité to heavier oud based alternatives like Nouveau Monde, there’s a surefire favourite no matter your olfactory preference. Check back here or visit Louis Vuitton’s website on May 31st to pick up yours.