5 Ways To Look Fashionable At Fancy Events

By July 25, 2018Guest Post

If you’re not naturally fashion-conscious, then you might get intimidated by the idea of having to dress up for events that come with a fancy dress code. Never fear, as this quick guide will provide five tips to make sure that you avoid any wardrobe faux pas at your next formal occasion.

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Dressing for Black Tie Balls

Black tie events are divided along gender lines once again in terms of the effort that needs to be put in to look the part.

Men can simply rent a tuxedo and they should fit right in, with only cufflinks giving them the opportunity to stand out from the crowd. Steer clear of unusual cufflinks, even if you are tempted to try out some slightly silly designs, as this will fall flat on the night.

Women, by contrast, have a huge raft of options available to them. This year the revival of sequin-spangled dresses is tearing up the catwalks and also dominating the black tie scene, so try out something sparkly if it suits your tastes.

Dressing for Poker Tournaments

This is a very interesting conundrum to face, as if you make the cut for a major poker tournament, then you might not realise how much of an impact your clothing can have on the way games play out. Studies suggest that what you wear can change how other players respond to your presence at the poker table, as outlined in this extensive guide.

Looking smart is obviously important to some players, but for others the key is to dress in a way that will psych-out their opponents. This is most often achieved through the use of outlandish headgear, whether in the form of a funky hat or even a novelty set of sunglasses.

Fashion at the poker table is a niche all on its own, so be prepared to plan your look carefully before you take your seat at a tournament. You might even have a higher chance of winning if you do.

Dressing for Weddings

A wedding requires a bit of careful balancing, as you’ll want to look stylish and presentable without overshadowing the bride and groom with your get-up.

For men the options are simple enough; pick out a suit that fits you well, pair it with a matching set of shoes and a leather belt, then add a tie to give it a bit of flare. Colours are key, as you don’t want to mix black shoes with a brown suit, for example, or miss the opportunity to combine a blue suit with brown shoes.

For women, the season will impact your dress choice; summer weddings can accommodate everything from floral maxi dresses to fashionable jump suits, while in the colder months you’ll want something made of thicker material, with a throw or shawl to keep your shoulders warm.

Dressing for Birthday Parties

Judging the tone of a birthday party is vital to getting your look right before the big day. If the birthday is an important milestone in the person’s life, then the event may tend towards the more formal end of the fashion spectrum. If it’s a casual bash, then you don’t want to arrive looking over-dressed compared to everyone else.

The best way to ensure you look the part is to consider the venue, the timing and the activities that will be taking place at the party. Dinner and drinks in town will require a little more effort than pizza and party games at the host’s home.

Dressing for Work Events

If you need to attend a fancy event in a professional capacity, or a party that involves a lot of your colleagues and superiors rather than your friends and family, you might be even more on edge about the issue of what to wear.

It’s always better to take a conservative approach to fashion at work events, unless specifically instructed otherwise by the higher-ups. Neutral tones for men and women alike will work better than bombastic colours, revealing cuts and unnecessarily gaudy adornments.

That’s not to say you can’t be in keeping with the latest trends at a work event; just make sure that the suit or dress you select isn’t going to be a talking point in the office for the next 10 years.

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