Rick Owens Open Doors To His Home

By July 13, 2018Fashion News

MR PORTER Visits Rick Owens

Opening his doors, Rick Owens invites Mr. Porter into his home in Venice, Italy. Known for being extremely private, Rick shows Mr. Porter his home and furniture displays. He describes his place as a “Futurist Superman’s castle” with furniture created by himself, Rick Owens. You’d never think Rick Owen’s home would be located in Venice, Italy, however, he has more than more home we believe. His minimalist home is clean, minimal with a touch of Italian.

“I needed to create a space that was severe and avoided any kind of sentimentality or attachments, a blank slate to completely obliterate, to concentrate on listening to what I really want,” he says in the latest issue of MR PORTER. “Living in clutter and chaos and things that are half-done or that are half-hearted, I think, can allow you to be a little bit too relaxed. I can’t be relaxed.”

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