So here we are, Thursday 11th October in Paris. The room is dripping with fashion statements, flare, and sweat – of course! Skaters fill the room, eye contact is exchanged to give one another the go-ahead. As the anticipation grows greater and greater, the sweat patches expand even wider and the skaters grow even more impatient… Ready, set & off they go skating in the skate bowl!

But first, let’s rewind. Why are we in Paris, you ask. BAUME and HRS (Human Recreational Services) invited us down to the launch of their Limited Edition Timepieces which are crafted from upcycled skate decks used the by legendary skater Erik Ellington as well as friends Lucien Clarke, Blondey McCoy, and Rory Milanes!

We tapped the head of Baume, Marie-Emmanuelle Chassot, to understand what happened “yesterday”.

Asked of Marie was “What does skate culture mean to you?”, to that, she responded that their culture is about being universal, and eclectic which reaffirms why the collaboration had to happen as BAUME stands for being relatable.

How did this happen?

Marie visited LA for a month where she stumbled across a subculture she hadn’t been immersed in before. The purpose of the trip was to get to know the people of LA. Whilst being on that quest, she met Eric, the founder of HRS and along they way Marie discovered that both her and Eric shared humility which Marie deems vital.

Who or what inspired you to take the sustainable route?

For us here at BAUME, it was all about giving the people hope. The soul of our team urges to create awareness to the masses of not continuing to be so wasteful. We have a responsibility, and that is to show, and lead the way in the watchmaking industry. Furthermore, we want to contribute to making a better tomorrow. It has to be like that, as it’s important to make the least impact possible on the universe.

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