PAUSE or Skip: 1017 ALYX 9SM Padded Vest

By April 10, 2019PAUSE or Skip

Is ALYX the king of tactical garments?

1017 ALYX 9SM certainly knows how to please, coming with a new iteration of its fan favourite – the tactical vest.

Inspired by protective gear needed for sports such as Motorcross and paintballing this version has a padded-mesh construction. First brought to fame by Kanye West, an old acquaintance of Matthew Williams, wearing an early version of the tactical vest in 2017, the garment has been an essential item – especially for tech wear lovers.

In this particular iteration of the mesh vest, there are four looped strips of black material along the front with a handle in the middle. The vest also features the silver rollercoaster buckle, now synonymous with ALYX, on either side which allows the wearer to adjust the straps which continue onto the back.

Let us know if this tactical accessory is a PAUSE or Skip?


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