Steve Lacy Covers CRACK Magazine’s Latest Issue

By August 9, 2019Fashion News

Issie 103 Arrives.

CRACK Magazine recently unveiled its latest issue, which sees American artist Steve Lacy take to the cover in a Gucci getup.

On his personal life:

“I’m the simplest 21-year-old, I just want to hang out with my friends, find cool music to listen to, read cool books. I didn’t envision myself going to a club and getting blacked-out drunk. I just didn’t see it, you know what I mean?”

On his style:

“Some nights, I feel like Uniqlo. This is Balenciaga, I just bought it, I don’t like designer that has its logo or name on it.”

Head over to the Crack website to check out the story and accompanying shoot in full.

Photography: Sasha Samsonova
Styling: Sofia Benito & Chelsea Gaspard
Clothing: c/o The Bearded Beagle and JetPack Homme


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