PAUSE Spotlights: @gregntore

This week, we have style maven and personal stylist @gregntore talks favourite shoes, things he can’t live without and more in our latest PAUSE Spotlights feature. Check out exclusive images and shop pieces below:

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Chilled, fairly reserved and always overthinking

If your style was a song, what would it be?

That’s a hard one. Been enjoying a lot of Burna boy tracks at the moment, so maybe one of those. Location FT Dave or Another Story FT Manifest. Probably Another story since some of the pieces worn by the artists were from the duo “Art comes first” whom I was highly inspired by.

What item of clothing could you not live without?

A good pair of trousers.

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 things would you need?

Water, some colourful Homme Plissé pleats shorts and a pair of black boots (possibly squeeze in a tanktop)

Derby Shoes, Boots or Trainers?


Describe a time when you took your fashion sense too far, or had a style mishap.

Can’t think of one at the top of my head. I’ve always been decently dressed. At least during that specific time I felt confident within my wardrobe choices.

Favourite place to shop.

Currently: SSENSE, Future:hlorenzo

Tell us one thing from your bucket list.

Visiting London (happening this fall) so guess I can cross that one off.

Tell us something your followers don’t know about you.

I hate soup lol

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