PAUSE Spotlights: @scottddonovan

Continuing with our new feature series, this week, content creator @scottddonovan shares with us some exciting facts, as well as some previously unseen shots. Catch the exclusive content and shop pieces from the looks below:

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Humble, passionate and reserved

What item of clothing could you not live without?

Pleated pants 😉

If you were stuck on a deserted island, which 3 things would you need?

Water, as much as i could get! A Swiss army knife and my favourite pair of shoes, the Balenciaga track 2.0 😂

Derby Shoes, Boots or Trainers?

Trainers, as much I do love boots!

Describe a time when you took your fashion sense too far, or had a style mishap.

Dying my fringe purple during my school years. Yeah just my fringe.

Favourite place to shop

Out of all the places I have been I still think London has everything I need!

Tell us one thing from your bucket list.

I have American routes so I would love to road trip across America seeing different states I have never been to!

Tell us something your followers don’t know about you.

Recently got a place with my girlfriend in London.

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