Heron Preston Teams Up With HP To Develop Compostable Pouches

By December 9, 2019Fashion News

Pushing sustainability.

Continuing with his mission to tackle the significant concern of sustainability within the fashion industry, Heron Preston has joined forces with HP to experiment with new ways to replace plastic bags. 

Developing compostable pouches that are crafted from 30% recycled plastic, plastic-free packaging, and 48-73% recycled content cartridges, the pouches are intended to replace plastic bags used in retail, Heron Preston, and HP debuted their new offerings with a “Museum of Plastic” installation in Miami Beach during Miami Art Week, in collaboration with the non-profit Lonely Whale. Unveiling their collaborative project, the pop-up installation highlighted the detrimental effect of plastic on the environment, with a room that displays the amount of plastic in the ocean.

Speaking on the collaboration, Heron Preston, who has long been a champion of upcycling and sustainability in fashion express that “There are a lot of conversations around sustainability today, but most of them orbit around the materials that go into making the clothes, and not necessarily the materials that go into packaging and delivering them. The compostable pouch shines a light on those overlooked areas of fashion.”

With only a small-limited number of the pouches available, the Heron Preston and HP partnership is still only a pilot program. Stay tuned for more information and where you can cop. 

PHOTO CREDIT: Heron Preston // @lonelywhale

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