The Perfect Guide To Handpicking A Reliable CFD Trading Platform

By May 12, 2020Guest Post

The trading platform you choose plays a significant role in determining how successful your trading journey is. This can be called the foundation of any trading business success. All your future earnings will depend on it. Making mistakes while selecting a wrong platform can cost you a fortune. A CFD platform gives real-time pricing and quotes, as well as a feature-packed interface. Do not become overwhelmed by the number of options available and the sheer size of the market. Choose complete analysis and research.

Here’s your handy guide to deciding on a reliable CFD trading platform.

Find out the range of trading instruments

A good platform should provide a range of trading platforms. This is important as one can invest in several financial markets at once and trade-in things simultaneously.  A financial market is a trading place flooded with options, both international and local. This is important because here is where all essential deals happen. A trade is purchased or sold along with securities to gain significant profits.

Availability of different trading account

A great CFD platform should offer different types of trading accounts. This is important because you will gain profits from various sources and experience the trades in the financial market place with an exceptional eye for detail. The platform should offer choices between a micro account, a macro account, and a standard trading account. You must always choose an account that matches the type of investment you are making.

Selecting a platform that has regulations in place

This is a crucial tip for anyone looking for the right CFD platforms. Always make sure the place you are choosing to trade has all its regulations in place. This is important as you can be assured that your funds are in safe hands. When the operating standards are met, you can be warranted against malpractices and frauds. It also adds an insurance cover protocol to your trading. Thus, licensing and regulation are chief players when looking for a good trading platform. Verify the regulatory norms that the platform abodes by so that you can be assured about all your future trading.

Commissions and spreads

The financial market predominantly operates on spreads and not commissions. Before finalizing any trading platform, learn about the spread charges it takes from the traders. Also, verify if it is free or variable.

You must be clear that you may be charged for the following trade structure.

  • Fixed spread
  • Floating spread
  • Commission fee

For traders looking for certainty and assurance, a fixed spread is a great option. This will depend on the kind of services the platform offers.

Business model being used

When navigating your way through tonnes of options available for the best CFD trading platforms, always find out the business model being used by them.  Find out more about “STP,” “ECN,” “NDD,” and “Market Maker,” and much more. The two significant broking types involved in the CFD platform are the Dealing desk and the No dealing desk. Business models in use will determine what kind of spread you receive and thus directly influence your net profit.

Customer service and value-added services

An ideal CFD platform should offer remarkable customer support and care services. This is crucial because it determines how reliable and trusted a particular CFD platform is. You must always have access to excellent customer service that ensures all your problems are addressed immediately and effectively. There should be 24-hour support and connection via phone calls, emails, and chats. The service should be just that you do not need to worry about what will happen to your funds. There should also be a provision for value-added services that enhance the quality of your trade and maximize your profit.

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