Asos Announces its First Circular Fashion Collection

By September 28, 2020Fashion News

Fashionable and sustainable.

Following on from its commitment at the Copenhagen Fashion Summit in 2018 and its participation in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Make Fashion Circular initiative, Asos is launching its first-ever circular fashion collection.

The trend-fueled collection is comprised of 29 pieces that include cardigans, graphic t-shirts and two-piece suits, with a focus on oversized fits and 90s-inspired motifs in the form of acid washes and micro prints. Ensuring that the pieces are practical as well as sustainable, many of the items are unisex and reversible.

In order to guarantee that the collection has a minimal impact on the environment, materials are made from recycled fabrics, designed to be easily recycled and use techniques that ensure minimal waste. To get more information on the item that you are rocking, a QR code in the tag allows customers to learn about how the product was made and the retailer’s circular design principles.

Releasing on September 28 via the Asos Webstore, discover the collection’s lookbook below.

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